Technical Services

Roof Surveys

Siltec technical services are fully trained and experienced in the undertaking of roof surveys. Our standard service provides a report on the condition of the existing waterproofing, inclusive of photographs, followed by recommendations for repairs and/or replacement roof coverings. This includes thermal Insulation surveys and revised thermal calculations as required to bring the building up to building regulations. We also offer an enhanced service, which can incorporate noninvasive thermography and/or electronic integrity testing to determine areas of water ingress and extent of damage / moisture within the existing waterproofing system.

Specification Writing & Design Assistance

Siltec technical services provide a full specification service to clients. The correct selection of waterproofing is crucial to longevity and integrity. With access to such an extensive product range, Siltec can offer appropriate specifications for each individual area of a project. Our ability to provide multiple system variants on a single project, covered under one single point of responsibility is a key reason why Siltec are selected as a client’s waterproofing partner. Specifications are available in various formats, the most common being NBS. Clients have access to Siltec standard detail drawings, which can be tailored to suit particular site specific requirements.

Field Technicians

For Siltec premium warranty schemes, our field technicians carry our regular site audits. These audits are to ensure our approved contractors are assisted in ensuring we provide high quality labour to compliment the quality of the waterproofing systems provided. These reports enable progress and quality during the installation process to be tracked, and can be retained for the building manual on completion.


Our knowledgeable staff are always available to provide support to clients, we offer product presentations/technical training and estimating workshops. Our team would be happy to discuss any specific requirements. Generally, our presentations are no more than 1 hour, often over lunch, based on a powerpoint presentation.

Technical Support

The Siltec technical support team are on hand at any stage of the process to provide assistance to clients. Thermal calculations, wind uplift calculations, drainage design considerations, green roofing options, imposed load to roof systems and budget cost analysis are just a few examples of the services on offer, when Siltec are your waterproofing partner.