Insulation / Components

Thermal Insulation

Siltec offer a wide range of thermal insulation, suitable for all of the waterproofing variants available. The incorporation of Siltec insulation within a Siltec waterproofing system provides a complete system warranty.

Siltec technical services offer project specific thermal calculations, condensation risk analysis, acoustic calculations and design assistance in the selection of the correct type and thickness of thermal insulation.

Warm roof insulation
Siltec provide a range of warm roof Insulation products to suit every individual project. Available as flat uniform thickness or cut to falls, inclusive of a full tapered design service. Products include:

  • Foil faced PIR (Zero ODP, CFC free)
  • Tissue faced PIR (Zero ODP, CFC Free)
  • Bituminous faced PIR (Zero ODO, CFC Free)
  • Mineral Wool (Inc acoustic systems)
  • EPS/PIR Hybrid
  • Vacum Insulation panels

Inverted roof insulation
An Inverted roof construction places the thermal insulation above the Siltec waterproofing solution. This provides an even temperature for the waterproofing and protects it from UV radiation or the adverse effects of weather. Available in a wide range of thickness and in both EPS and XPS formats and in different grades, Siltec inverted insulations can offer:

  • A & A+ BRE Green guide ratings
  • Single layer boards to provide U values as low as 0.10w/m2
  • Marginal increments to precisely achieve thermal performance
  • Cement faced protection boards

Associated Components

Siltec offer complete waterproofing solutions. A wide range of components are available and products to assist Installers in delivering an exceptional service. A components brochure is available on request.

Items offered include:

  • Drainage mats
  • Adhesives and sealants
  • Rooflights
  • Rain water outlets
  • Walkways
  • Paving supports
  • Roof trims
  • Roof flashings
  • Inspection chambers
  • Water retention edge trims
  • Lightning clips
  • Roofing tools and equipment
  • Primers
  • Solar and reflective roof coatings

Roof Safety

In addition to waterproofing solutions, Siltec can provide roof safety design and installation service as part of a complete service including fall restraint systems, demarcation and roof safety handrails.