Green Roofing

Siltec green roof systems have been developed in association with our specialist horticultural partners in harmony with our waterproofing systems. Our range of systems have been designed to offer clients sustainable, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing green roof solutions.

With access to a wide range of drainage products in our portfolio, green roof systems can be tailored for each specific project but are essentially based around 3 key types:

Siltec green roofing systems offer many benefits, including:

  • Noise and sound reduction – Increased mass of a green roof system improves sound absorption.
  • Rainwater retention – Water run off to storm drains is reduced due to the absorpsion of water within the green roofing substrate. In addition, run off is delayed whilst it filters through the system at roof level, reducing the impact during heavy precipitation to the drainage network.
  • Temperature moderation – The Siltec green roof systems offer beneficial temperature moderation in two ways. First, they keep the waterproofing system below at a more average temperature and fully protected from exposed weather extremes, thus further extending the lifespan of the waterproofing. Secondly, the vegetation barrier reduces heat gain and loss within the building, improving its comfort for occupants and reducing both energy costs and C02 emissions over the lifetime of the building.

The Siltec portfolio of complete waterproofing systems offer a variety of options beneath the finished green roofscape, including:

  • Siltec Single Ply
  • Reinforced Bituminous Membranes
  • Durabond Structural Hot Melt
  • Siltec Cold applied Liquid waterpoofing