Bituminous Membranes

RBM (Reinforced Bituminous Membrane)

The Siltec range of bituminous membranes offers exceptional quality of manufacture and proven reliability. Built up felt systems continue to evolve through new and innovative processes and Siltec constantly strive to offer the most modern solutions to it’s clients.

Our bituminous range is carefully selected to offer a multitude of options to suit almost any specific project, taking in to consideration budget, design, longevity, aesthetics, thermal performance and project specifics.

Up to 30 year warranty systems

Concept – 10 year warranty systems
The Concept range of bituminous membranes are APP based torch on membranes, designed for budget conscious projects. The capsheet is UV resistant with a mineral granule finish.

Nord Bitumi Nordgum/Flexpol – 10,15,20 and 25 year warranty systems
The Nordgum and Flexpol product ranges are high quality SBS based modified elastomeric bitumen membranes, designed to provide excellent durability and temperature flexibility. Available in various build ups to suit the required warranty and longevity for specific projects.

Nord Bitumi Iter – 20, 25 and 30 year warranty systems
The Iter range is our Premium waterproofing membrane. Iter waterproofing products have been in production for over 35 years and used across the globe in the coldest extremes of Scandanavia to the hottest surface temperatures of the Middle East. It is a product range with a proven pedigree, backed by worldwide accreditations.

Refurbishment – Single layer system – 20 year warranty

Vapour and Air Control Layers

Roof Primers

Siltec are the exclusive UK partners for Nord Bitumi RBM products, who have been creating quality products for more than 50 years.